14th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium

University of Oslo, 6-10 June, 2017

« Contrasts of the Bronze Age »

Reclogo-skisse-svartent years has seen a trend towards disparate discourses, either focusing on small-scale or large-scale, southern or northern narratives of Bronze Age Scandinavia. In this call for papers, we encourage perspectives on the multi-scaled and contrasting Bronze Age, and the diversity and connections between e.g. landscapes, technologies, social practices and materialities. From the snow patches of the Scandinavian Mountains to the fertile agricultural areas of south Scandinavia, along the paths to the upland pastures to the open sea lanes, from the monumental mounds to the mundane finds; we invite papers exploring the contrasts and connections that formed the Nordic Bronze Age.

The session titles are:

–       Beyond Mapping Movement: Travel and exchange
–       Contrasts of Bronze Age Societies
–       Revitalising gender as a concept in Bronze Age discourse
–       Farming: A defining element of the Nordic Bronze Age?
–       Lithics of the Bronze Age – materials, types, contexts and technologies
–       Rock art – diversity and complexity
–       The context and social dynamics of rituals
–       Nobody is perfect: contrasts in craft
–       Demography: fluctuation, composition and mobility
–       Bronze Age research: Past, present and future

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